I purchased an Electric Ford Focus in March of 2017. I only recently decided to blog about it though. As much as I love the car and love promoting electric cars in general there seems to be quite a bit of misinformation out there regard electric vehicles. It seems people would be much more likely to drive them if they actually knew how the things worked! This blog is meant to dispel any myths, misconceptions and honestly discuss any downsides to electric vehicle ownership. Owning an electric car in 2018 is still very much an adventure and the road is still lonely with so many gas powered vehicles out there.

Making things even more interesting is the fact that we purchased a used electric car. Information regarding used electric vehicle ownership seems to be sparse at best as most discussions involve the high cost of new vehicles and new battery range. There are many questions that arise with owning a used electric car: How bad is battery degradation? How fast does range decrease over time? Do you ever need to purchase a new battery? What costs are involved in that?

So I hope to give a first hand experience with owning a used electric car that should be informative to other electric vehicle owners or those curious with how life is with an electric car. If you have any questions regarding electric vehicle ownership I hope to answer them honestly here. Thank you for reading!