An Electric Car Update

Hey dudes, I haven’t been on here writing anything in awhile and I think I’d like to try to pick things up again. I burned out in the first place because there didn’t seem to be much to actually write about; the nice thing about owning an electric car is that it works just the same as a gas car so there isn’t really much to write about! Sure there are a few differences in how you have to think about energy, range, and how you have to plan your trips, but other than that they drive just like any old ICE car. The monthly posts talking about how much the car used and cost to operate also seemed pretty bland and pointless as the data didn’t change very much. The Electric Ford Focus costs less to operate than a Dodge Caravan. Who would’ve guessed?

But in the past year there have been some interesting things that have happened and they can each be their own posts even though at the time I didn’t realize it. The first thing that happened was a persistent clunking from the front end that led to me replacing the sway bar links. While this isn’t anything unique to an electric car, it was ultra annoying because the car was so quiet any clunking from the front is really obvious. Secondly, the car died! Like it popped up the “Stop Safely Now” light and wouldn’t let the car do anything. This led me to having the car towed — twice — about 20 miles away to be repaired. For a new electric car owner this was pretty disheartening and made me regret buying one, but the car was still under warranty and everything worked fine. The car is great now but the past half-year has been rather eventful and I should’ve written about it. It’s hard to write about the electric car when it is broken at the dealership though…

Gas prices are also really damn low so comparing the EV to a few gas cars would be fun to do. Is the car still cost-effective?

I’ve been seeing some new EVs out there too: the Model 3, a plug-in hybrid Pacifica, and the Chevy Bolt. What’s going on with them? How popular are these new models?

So while I haven’t been on here in awhile I’ll try to write some more soon. Consider this as sort of a preview of some future posts and as a way to get my mind working on writing again. Thanks for reading!

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